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Opus energy improves recruitment, development and retention with Thomas


Reduction in attrition

Opus Energy at a glance

Opus Energy is the leading independent business energy supplier in the UK. Starting out in 2002, they now have a customer base of over 200,000 business sites and have consistently earned a place in The Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 250 League.
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The Challenge

In 2011, Opus Energy were growing dramatically and needed a strategy to manage that growth. Annamarie Petsis Jones, HR Director described the challenge,

"Our biggest challenge was around recruitment as we needed a lot of new recruits but had no systems and processes in place to filter candidates. We were struggling with a high level of turnover, particularly among new recruits whom we were often losing within the probation period, suggesting we were not attracting and selecting the right candidates". 


The Solution

Due to suspicion amongst recruiting managers against assessments, they decided to run a pilot scheme in the Customer Operations department to demonstrate the difference that using assessments could make. Utilising benchmarking with the PPA and GIA assessments, they tested every candidate over a six month period providing the evidence needed to uncover the scores that flourished within Opus Energy. These helped to establish patterns as to the types of employees that suited the vacancies within the organisation.


Annamarie explained, "In fact, we have since extended our use of the assessments to include 360 review to gather individual feedback internally for personal development. As feedback is delivered by a trainer, it's easier for managers and employees to have a conversation about next steps. TEIQue (measuring Emotional Intelligence) is now used as a developmental tool internally for department managers too. Three years ago, Emotional Intelligence would not have even been considered by the business, now it is a core competency ingrained in our processes and invaluable to our overall performance".


The Result

Within one year of using Thomas assessments, turnover in Customer Operations was down by 12%.

Assessments are now used extensively for recruitment and development, particularly for management development. Within one year of using assessments, turnover in Customer Operations was down by 12% and there continues to be improvements year on year. In fact, since introducing the new recruitment process, turnover has almost halved. This has been thanks to attracting and selecting candidates that are of the right calibre to begin with.

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