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How Pragma used Thomas Engage to measure and improve team and organisational engagement

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The Challenge

Engagement is one of the core values of Pragma Holdings. They focus on engagement in order to determine how they can improve and what they should do differently. Engagement has been a focus for the company for more than a decade so they needed a survey that provided them with valuable insight on their employee engagement levels.

Pragma Hard Hat Challenge

The Solution

Pragma chose Thomas International’s Engage employee engagement survey, facilitated by Pragma’s People and Organisational Development (POD) team, to better understand the trends and patterns of engagement across its employee base. The engagement survey is completed by Pragma employees and results are then analysed by Thomas and shared with the POD team. Results are then distributed to senior management and team leaders.

Pragma places ownership of Engage results with team leaders and their team members, with team leaders required to facilitate a discussion with their team about the results. Team leaders are also tasked with agreeing corrective actions with the team, successes are celebrated, and interventions and workshops are put in place to improve overall team engagement.

Pragma Results

The Results

The survey results helped Pragma by providing them with accurate, reliable information on an annual basis to inform the need for interventions and strategies to improve employee engagement across the organisation. As Pragma focusses on the team level with Engage, the results have helped them to both target areas of concern and celebrate successes at both a team and organisational level.

Pragma have also started using the other Thomas behavioural and personality assessments (PPA, TEIQue and HPTI) in their recruitment and development. They utilise behavioural PPA awareness sessions to help teams to understand each other better. They also use the tools in coaching with managers on how to improve their management skills. Managers also use the assessment results to understand their team members and manage them more effectively.

All of this is used collectively to increase employee engagement, as at Pragma they believe the responsibility of the team’s engagement lies with the managers and team members themselves. Ultimately, individual and collective ownership tends to be much more effective in identifying and addressing any engagement issues.

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