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Helping an established shipping provider implement its HR strategy in Asia Pacific for rapid digitalisation during the coronavirus pandemic

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services at a glance

At 76 years old, ZIM Integrated Shipping Service Ltd is well established in the industry of shipping. Headquartered in Haifa, Israel, ZIM strives to provide an innovative solution for its customers and digital transformation is now a key priority for the business

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Zim challenge

The Challenge

The central challenge that the HR team at ZIM faced was to develop the existing transactional HR function into a strategic one capable of supporting the firm’s plans for digital transformation. The arrival of the global pandemic and associated disruption to the shipping industry only increased the company’s need for digital transformation. 

The HR team at ZIM knew that psychometric assessments formed a core component of their new strategic focus, acting as a guide for their learning and development initiatives. By increasing the self-awareness of their people, and looking beyond skills and experience to strengths and potential development areas, the ZIM team hoped to increase the objectivity of their learning and development and performance management decisions.

Zim solution

The Solution

With just two ZIM personnel involved in implementing the Thomas solution initially, the business now has five Behaviour Assessment practitioners, with an additional three employees imminently attending the accreditation course. This number is expected to grow as demand for the assessment increases during the global rollout of the solution. 

Thomas’ account managers supported ZIM throughout the implementation process, helping the HR team to not only gain accreditation as Personality Assessment practitioners, but also onboarding them and assisting with queries. 

The Behaviour Assessment has fulfilled ZIM’s requirement for a solution that would provide objectivity in people decisions. ZIM have found the Hub user-friendly and easily navigable, and the assessments continue to provide insights that enhance the self-awareness of their workforce, offering them a common language with which to discuss  behaviour. The company is currently looking to expand the PPA assessment usage across Asia Pacific.

Zim results

The Result

The ZIM HR team is not just an overhead department, but a strategic arm which can have a direct impact on the vision and goals of the company. By introducing psychometric assessments to the talent management process, in particular to learning and development, ZIM is better able to deliver its strategies for innovation, digitalisation, talent development and customer-centricity. These strategic initiatives have been wellreceived, and the HR team continue to drive the business’ strategy.

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