AnchorPredicting Potential: Assessing cognitive ability in recruitment

Is it possible to predict potential? Organisations need to focus on identifying, developing and supporting their top talent in the most cost-effective way.

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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • What aptitude and ability are and the role they play in an employee's success. 

  • Effective methods to measure and understand a person's true potential  

  • How your people will react to complex and changing organisational challenges 

With technology and globalisation advancing the complexity of the challenges we face and causing them to come at greater speed, it’s more important than ever that we attract and align talent with the cognitive demands of the organisation to ensure both its current and future success.

But, for reasons we will discuss further, it’s crucial that we also fill them with people whose cognitive potential matches or ‘fits’ the cognitive demands of their roles.

"Ultimately, getting the mix of ability just right ensures that your organisation not only has a high potential talent pool, but also a ‘backbone’ talent pool that provides critical stability in roles where there isn’t potential for rapid advancement."


A challenge for leadership - and for the organisation - How do you select the right people to develop into leadership and managerial roles and also non leadership roles that are critical to organisation's competitive positioning?

The right mix: high potential/high fit - If you only employ high-performers, there would be widespread disengagement and high levels of turnover. So how do you make sure that you have the right mix of staff? 

Multi-generational workforces, training and virtual work - A combined focus on cognitive potential and fit can also help you solve other organisational challenges associated with change and increased complexity.

Measuring and learning agility - The Thomas General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) and how it can help you to identify potential leaders, those that can think on their feet and the people better suited to methodical problem solving.

Client case study - How has our GIA helped a client of ours, Silverlake Automotive Recycling, to make better recruitment decisions?

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