AnchorWhat good looks like for sales

How can you identify and develop high performing salespeople?

  • 57% of sales representatives missed their sales targets in 2017
  • Almost 20% of hires are regretted decisions

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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • Understanding the impact of a salesperson’s behaviours and personality

  • How to identify the right people for different types of sales roles 

  • Real life examples of using psychometric assessments to predict sales success 

“At Thomas International, we know what a successful salesperson looks like. Having profiled more than 156,000 salespeople in over 76 countries, we’ve identified the key characteristics that our clients use to find high performing salespeople.”    

How can you use psychometric assessments to select the right sales candidates and develop your existing salespeople to help them hit those all-important sales targets? 


Recruiting the right people: Past job experience only predicts 16% of job performance. So how should you be recruiting your salespeople?

What does a salesperson look like: We have been profiling the behavioural preferences of over 140,000 salespeople globally since 2012. With data driven findings, we have managed to find the ideal profile of a salesperson with regards to behaviour and personality.  

Not all salespeople are the same: It is important for businesses to consider the characteristics needed in different sales roles, as they can be different to the behavioural preferences, personality and general intelligence of the shortlisted candidates. 

Identifying successful salespeople: Different measures of behavioural preferences, emotional intelligence and aptitude can help you create the ideal job profile for your salespeople.

What can we take away from these findings: What are the behavioural, aptitude and emotional intelligence traits you should be looking out for in finding and developing the most successful sales employees in organisations?

​​​​​​​Meet the author

Carmen Amador Barreiro has been a Business Psychologist in the Product Development team at Thomas International since July 2018. She is responsible for designing psychometric solutions for clients both nationally and internationally, onboarding new global partners in their local languages and supporting the development and validation of existing and new products. Carmen has specific expertise in Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement as this was her main focus in her MSc thesis at University College London. Carmen is a registered member of the British Psychological Society, as well as the Association of Business Psychologists. 

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