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Best practice conflict resolution techniques

Conflict. It’s a term we’re all familiar. Put simply, it's about different ideas; one person's idea differing from another person's idea. But having these differences in the workplace isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It initiates open discussions and important questions being asked, and encourages innovative thinking and problem solving. Conflict only becomes a problem when ignored or handled ineffectively, which has a negative impact on engagement and performance.


The Challenge


Identifying the root causes of workplace conflict


How to proactively approach conflict resolution


Improving employee engagement, team dynamics and productivity

How we can help

Conflict resolution is about acknowledging that everyone is different, in both personalities and behavioural preferences. Our psychometric assessments provide a robust and objective way to equip individuals with a transparent and concrete understanding of themselves and others, such as a person’s preferred communication style, motivators and fears. Whether conflict has occurred or not, using psychometric assessments will significantly help increase self-awareness, giving your people the ability to understand themselves and others so they can modify their behaviours to avoid any negative feelings in the future.

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How can we help

Unresolved conflict costs businesses

You don’t have to look very hard to find signs of conflict in an organisation, yet it can cost businesses huge amounts in time, resource and staff turnover every year.

Mediation is key to conflict resolution

Effective conversations with all parties involved in conflict is the best way to mutually move forward together.

Walk in the other person's shoes

Psychometric tools provide your people with a greater level of self-awareness and understanding of others, creating an opportunity for a more harmonious workplace.

How many people actually look forward to the prospect of dealing with conflict, change or poor performance in the workforce? People managers and HR teams face interpersonal challenges every day.

From antagonistic organisational change to team discord, performance management and personal issues or simply the effects of conflict between two people, the workplace can be a minefield of sensitive subjects requiring careful navigation.

Whilst we can’t expect managers and team leaders to ‘enjoy’ the trickier side of people management, we can equip them to handle such situations both professionally and constructively, in order to protect and even boost morale.

Business performance, team effectiveness and your employees’ personal development are all at stake if those contentious issues are not dealt with, so it’s crucial that you and your managers feel able to tackle awkward circumstances both effectively and positively. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to managing workplace conflict.

Every person and scenario is different: Sometimes the people are proactively seeking help to resolving issues and sometimes they’re completely unaware that it even exists, some don’t realise their negative impact on others and sometimes there is resistance to acknowledge it.

Whether you’re observing conflict in the workplace or are involved somehow, the key is to not brush it under the carpet and hope it goes away. Be proactive!

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