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Innovation is not just a buzzword here at Thomas. We are passionate about using the most robust science to build the world's best talent assessment platform, however we need your help to point us in the right direction.

Through customer and non-customer knowledge, insight and experience, we want to put HR leaders and managers in control of their recruitment and development processes to help them to unleash the power of their people.

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research panel - innovation

Join our paid research panel

Panel members are invited to take part in a variety of research projects, including virtual 121 interviews, short surveys, focus groups and more.

There’s no minimum requirement; we’ll let you know what exciting projects are coming up, and if you’d like to participate we’ll send you the details, carry out the research, and follow up with payment shortly afterwards… simple! 

Here’s some examples of the types of projects our panel members get to take part in

Sales potential tool - innovation

Trial our sales potential tool

This tool gives a score to each individual to show whether they are likely to be successful as a salesperson, allowing you to easily compare your candidates’ scores side by side to find out:

  • whether your candidates are collaborative or competitive salespeople
  • whether your individuals are new business hunters, or farmers that focus on developing existing customers
  • whether your applicants are fast or steady learners
screening tool - innovation

Help shape our new screening tool

We’re building a new product that will enable people to sift out unsuitable candidates based on their fit to the role, and we need feedback on our ideas.

The tool will make what can be a slow and costly process a lot easier, as it helps you move candidates through the recruitment process more quickly - and can be used for any level of role in any function! 

challenges - innovation

Let us know what challenges you’re currently facing in your role

To make sure that we’re building products and solutions that people need, we need to know their biggest challenges and pain points.

Spend up to 30 minutes with one of our Product Managers to talk through your ‘a day in the life of'.

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