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How Fednav transformed both its recruitment process and candidate experience through Thomas profiling

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The Challenge

Fednav realized that 50% of their workforce was going to be ready to retire within four years. They also realized that they had an excellent reputation, remained under the radar and not as visible to potential recruits. During a period of growth, where they were also undergoing cultural change, they needed to have the right people in the right roles to help the business and its transformation. 

By concentrating on the philosophy of continuous improvement, by driving accountability and collaboration forward and by encouraging new ideas and fostering a sense of urgency to act on its mission, Fednav was undergoing an important change. Growth means recruitment. So they needed the right people in the right roles to help the business embark on this transformation. 

Fednav Challenge

The Solution

In the past, the business had outsourced assessments to organisational psychology firms for recruitment, costing $6,000 per person. Senior Manager of People and Culture, Christine Mack, had experienced the power of Thomas assessments many years before her journey began with Fednav. While working on a C-Suite role, Christine gathered senior leaders to discuss what they needed for the key role. They created a job profile using the ideal behavioural, cognitive and emotional intelligence competencies for the role. They managed to fully identify the type of leader they needed who could help drive their cultural transformation.

In Christine's own words about working with Thomas: "What's an even better word than exceptional? Everything I've learned about assessments, I've learned through Thomas. They give so freely, not only of their time, but their wisdom. Every time I've reached out, they've been available. I am floored by our partnership, and their after-sales philosophy is outstanding. Thomas provides exceptional guidance and exceptional service. Learning from the people at Thomas is engaging, it's more than enjoyable and they're always raising the bar when it comes to excellence. One key word:m trust. Thomas people have so much caring, passion and excellence."

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The Results

$6,000 saving per candidate by bringing Thomas assessments in-house.

Fednav recruited a senior leader who aligned well with the type of change in the culture they wanted to see. The CEO values the integration of the Thomas assessments in their hiring process, especially the feedback the trained Thomas user offers. Fednav is now steering itself in the right direction towards a positive culture change.

They also decided to bring the assessment portion for all recruitment in-house and use Thomas' suite of assessments. This not only saved them $6,000 per candidate, it also gave them access to a wealth of information about the candidates and it provided for a much-improved candidate experience in terms of time and quality of feedback.

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