The 6 key traits of a high-performance leader

8 June 2020
10 minute
Faced with turbulent economies and multi-generational workforces, a top priority for organisations today must be to look beyond the traditional strategies for leadership development and recruitment to create a new generation of leaders who are more self-aware, agile, emotionally and spiritually intelligent and can make human connections.

Psychometric assessments are the most effective way of examining these personality, behavioural and aptitude skills, as they provide powerful insights into candidates and can also identify leadership potential in a valid, objective way.  

In this video, Professor Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College London, and Dave Woodward, former Executive Vice President, President and CEO Europe for H.J. Heinz Company, talk about what makes a great leader and present the six key traits of high performing business leaders in the modern workplace. 

Watch our exclusive interview video to find out more about these 6 key high performing leadership traits. 


What makes a great leader