New Candidate Feedback Reports Launched |

Thomas International has announced the launch of a new range of Candidate Feedback Reports to help organisations win the war for talent faced with an increasingly competitive recruitment market. It has launched new reports for three of its assessments, covering behaviour (PPA), aptitude (GIA) and emotional intelligence (TEIQue)

The new reports have been written and designed purely with the candidate in mind. They have been written by Thomas in-house psychologists in partnership with its psychometric test authors using language that’s easy to understand and imagery that’s visually engaging for both candidates and recruiters.

The delivery of professional and easily understandable feedback to all candidates in a timely manner following their completion of Thomas assessments will strengthen the candidate experience and enhance the recruiter’s brand image. By offering free assessment feedback, organisations can also attract more candidates into their recruitment process and so increase their talent pool.

The launch of these reports represents the latest step in the transformation of Thomas International’s digital assessment platform, focusing on delivering richer, more engaging experiences that bring the proven power of psychological assessments to more people and more businesses.

Chris Jackson, Chief Technology Officer for Thomas International, explains: “Candidate Feedback Reports are all about making assessment feedback more accessible to more people, delivering increased self-awareness and an enhanced experience for both candidates and employers. They represent just part of our journey to totally transforming our digital platform with the aim of fully empowering businesses to make the most informed and objective recruitment, retention and development decisions.”