Thomas International announces exciting new partnership with Tack TMI

20 October 2020
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Thomas International joins forces with Tack TMI to offer deeper insights into employee learning and development

Tack TMI & Thomas

Thomas International, the leading talent assessment platform provider, and global learning and development experts, Tack TMI today, announced an exciting new partnership.

This new collaboration extends Thomas’s global reach into key territories, whilst deepening Tack TMI’s ability to offer the latest in learning solutions design and technology to its growing customer base. 

With over 110 years combined experience, Tack TMI are experts in building impactful learning journeys, offering complete flexibility across learning content, design and delivery modality.  “We are very proud to have signed this partnership agreement with Thomas International, a company which, like Tack TMI, puts people at the heart of everything they do,” commented Jim O’Brien, CEO of Tack TMI. “We believe that, thanks to the know-how of both companies, this partnership will be able to enhance our service offerings for customers and clients around the world.” 

“We are very excited to start this partnership with Tack TMI, as one of the world’s most prominent consulting firms in our space. We believe that Tack TMI is the right partner for Thomas International to collaborate with in this exciting segment and they will be instrumental in our plans to further expand our existing presence in the learning and development arena,” said Guy Ballantine, COO of Thomas International. “Furthermore, Tack TMI’s services enabled by Thomas’s talent assessment platform provide a compelling proposition for companies looking to reap the huge rewards available by investing in staff development.”  

Tack TMI are able to offer services supported by Thomas psychometric assessments in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greater China, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam. 

About Thomas International​ 

Founded in 1981, Thomas International transforms the performance of organisations around the world through smarter people decisions, looking beyond just skills and experience to identify the true potential and capability of people. Its talent assessment platform combines technology, psychology and data to make the complex nature of human behaviour, aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand. Today, Thomas helps over 11,000 companies across 140 countries unleash the power of their people. ​ 

For more information contact Thomas on [email protected] ​ 

Website: ​ 

Facebook: @ThomasInternational.UK ​ 

Twitter: @ThomasInt_UK​ 

LinkedIn: thomas-international​ 

About Tack TMI 

With over 110 combined years of experience and expertise, Tack TMI are the global learning and development experts. With offices across the globe, Tack TMI delivers in 55+ countries and across 37 languages, with one goal - help develop people and organisations to learn and thrive. Using the latest in solutions design and technology, Tack TMI make learning and behaviour change stick. With a rich proven content portfolio, Tack TMI are able to tackle business challenges and deliver scalable, flexible, global learning solutions with measurable results.   

For more information contact Tack TMI on [email protected]  


Facebook: @TackTMI 

LinkedIn: tack-tmi 


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