Submitted by thomas_admin on Mon, 03/02/2020 - 16:14

The use of thomas assessments for better recruitment, retention and development decisions across the career lifecycle forms the basis of the strategic partnership between the leading Italian multinational employment agency and one of the world's largest providers of psychometric assessments.

Thomas International, the leading provider of talent assessment solutions, has announced an exclusive partnership with Gi Group in Italy.

Gi Group, a leading Italian multinational employment agency, now becomes a Value-Added Reseller for Thomas solutions exclusively for Italy, offering its clients the possibility of using assessment tools for improving employee recruitment, retention and development outcomes.

“The reason why we are taking part in this partnership is simple," says Francesco Baroni, Gi Group Italy Country Manager. "We are absolutely convinced that the success of organisations depends primarily on the quality of their people; therefore we believe it is necessary to bring to Italy - where they are still relatively little used - tools like those of Thomas, which provide support in objectively assessing individual and team potential. We are therefore placing the focus on people, and interpreting their personal and professional characteristics to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, we can best meet the needs of our customers.”

The partnership with Gi Group supports Thomas International’s 2020 growth plans that cover strategic initiatives related to the launch of new platform innovations, new global partnerships and a strengthening of Thomas’ global market position. Thomas believes in unlocking the potential of every individual, team and organisation by making the complex nature of human behaviour, aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand, and is committed to its vision of a world of higher human achievement through helping people to develop a greater understanding of themselves and others.

"We are extremely pleased with this exclusive partnership with such an innovative and respected company such as Thomas International," continues Francesco Baroni. "This partnership testifies to our will to continue to invest in the quality of selection and in the assessment of potential at candidates' different career phases in line with our objective of being the HR Business Partner for enterprises”.

Guy Ballantine, Interim CEO of Thomas International, comments:

“Gi Group has an excellent and established reputation in global multinational staffing, recruitment, HR consulting and L&D solutions. With an ability to serve all types of clients, Gi represents an ideal partner for Thomas International and our expansion plans for global assessment solutions across Italy. Through our exclusive partnership with Gi Group in Italy, we can help our clients make more informed recruitment decisions whilst enabling their own people to unlock their potential and perform better. We will work with GI Group to deliver the highest quality of service and personal client support in line with our values, and we look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership that drives exciting new business opportunities for both parties.”