The Science Behind the Thomas Job Profiler: Data Sheet

When recruiting, Thomas Perform makes it easy to quickly create a job profile that is grounded in science, even if you’re not a psychologist. It’s simple to then compare candidates’ assessment results to this profile using star ratings to add objectivity and help you predict which will be the best applicant for the role.

The whole process takes just minutes, during which you define the aptitude requirements of the role and the key behavioural and personality characteristics of the ideal candidate. For example, are you recruiting for a senior or entry-level position? Is the role fast paced? Will the work involved evolve over time, or stay relatively consistent? Should your ideal candidate be analytical, communicative, process oriented or independent?

These seemingly simple choices enable you to create a very effective psychological profile of the ideal candidate for a role without requiring any knowledge of organisational psychology. Download the data sheet to learn more about the science behind creating job profiles in Thomas Perform, and find out how it could help you to strengthen your recruitment process, reduce bias and see beyond candidate CVs

Download the Data Sheet

What does this data sheet cover?

Build a job profile with confidence

Our matching algorithm works with over 200 unique behaviour profiles, 6 core personality traits (each ranging on a 1-100 scale) and aptitude performance against a comparison group of over 16,000 working adults in the UK.

Conduct more rigorous interviews

Our dynamic interview guide is also linked to your job profile. Targeted questions are suggested so that your interviews can be highly structured to address behavioural styles or possible limitations that may impact on candidates’ successes.

Easily leverage psychology in recruitment

We’ve made it exceptionally easy to create the profile without requiring a background in organisational psychology. The insight that we give our clients based on this science helps them to make smarter recruitment decisions.