Predictive Hiring: Predicting Success

This guide explains what we mean by predictive hiring and offers advice on improving your hiring process with data-led recruitment. You’ll find answers to these questions: 

What is predictive hiring 

Can you predict future job performance? 

How can you implement predictive hiring tools? 

How can psychometric assessments simplify the process? 

The guide leaves you with 6 easy steps to integrate a predictive hiring plan for better recruitment success. ​​​​​​​

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What does this guide cover? 

How predictive hiring can help with rapid remote recruitment, onboarding and integrating new remote team members into established structures. 

The benefits of removing subjectivity from an interview and using solid data to better understand a candidate. 

The importance of proven, trustworthy science in developing robust predictive hiring models. 

Predictive hiring tools focus on combining science, data (usually taken from psychometric assessments) and analytics to predict the role and cultural fit of employees and candidates.  

When you’re faced with a pile of CVs that seem difficult to distinguish between, assessments can give you an extra edge and an additional level of insight into your candidates. Understanding their personality and behavioural traits can help you to select the candidate that best fits your team and company. 


What is predictive hiring? 

Read what we mean by predictive hiring, what data will be useful in your process and how to compile and analyse it. 

How can businesses use predictive hiring tools? 

Knowing how to better use predictive hiring tools will help with your recruitment needs for the future and help you to assess where you may have struggled in the past. 

Predictive hiring solutions can help you: 

Reduce the cost per hire, decrease time-to-hire, improve effectiveness of teams by better identifying best-fit candidates and increase retention, engagement and speed to competency. 

Identify what good looks like for your organisation 

Knowing what good looks like for your teams is the first step in implementing a predictive hiring model. 

The role of science in predictive hiring 

Enhance your selection and interviewing process by helping decide who to interview, what areas to focus on, and have confidence that decisions are based on robust science.