Anchor​​​​​Up your remote working game with psychometrics  

Remote working is becoming the norm in companies of all types around the world. While many consider remote working to be positive, or even a benefit, it is something that is also viewed with some degree of trepidation by others. 

This whitepaper covers not only the benefits but the insights that psychometric assessments can give you into how your people work, how to communicate more effectively with remote workers and which assessments are most suited to your needs. 

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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • How to communicate effectively with remote workers 

  • Strategy for motivating and engaging remote workers 

  • Which assessments and traits, such as emotional intelligence, behaviour and potential can assist in managing remotely. 

Learning how to best manage, engage and motivate the individuals across your businesses isn’t just a short-term fix to cope with the current climate, it’s something that could deliver real benefits to your business and staff in the longer term. 

Psychometric assessments are renowned for giving insight into the behavioural patterns and preferences of people and have a particular benefit when introducing remote working. In addition to helping clients around the world benefit from these insights, here at Thomas we also use them internally to ensure our own teams can function to their fullest. 


How can psychometric assessments help with challenges - Gain insight into behavioural patterns and preferences of yourself and employees 

How to communicate with remote workers - Depending on an employees behavioural profile, how to motivate and engage them from a distance 

Other Psychometric Assessments - How looking deeper, using emotional intelligence and potential, to identify how to manage engagement, focus and motivation.