Improve Your Recruitment: Online or Offline

Improve Your Recruitment: Online or Offline

The cost of a bad hire can be more than 30% of the position’s annual salary. Add on the extra disruption to you and your team, and employing the right people first time around is one of the most important tasks for any organisation!


Are you making critical recruitment decisions based on instinct or gut feel?


Learn how to adapt your processes for recruiting remotely


Would you like to improve your candidates’ recruitment experience?

We understand what good looks like and can show you how it’s done

Our Solution

  • A range of assessments offering in depth and comparable insights based on candidate behaviour, aptitude and personality
  • Robust and proven recruitment methods both on and offline, based on over three decades of experience
  • Comprehensive candidate feedback, whether successful or not in the application process
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After introducing Thomas into our recruitment process, we immediately saw a better calibre of candidate at interview and our churn rate reduced by 50%.

- Bob Taylor, Managing Director
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Using our Assessments for Recruitment

Our assessments explore multiple aspects of behaviour, aptitude and personality in the workplace to provide you with a comprehensive but accessible overview of your candidates. We help our customers improve their recruitment processes by enabling informed and objective people decisions allowing you to recruit and manage with confidence.

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  • Evaluate a candidate's fit for certain job roles
  • Understand their preferences for communicating with others
  • Gauge how much support they would need working remotely

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  • Understanding how quickly someone learns new information
  • Help to inform your recruitment decisions
  • Help build personalised onboarding programmes

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  • Understanding a person's personality traits provides valuable insight into how they approach their work
  • Understand whether their strengths may become derailers.

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Harvey Nash case study

Improving Harvey Nash's recruitment processes

See how Harvey Nash assesses adverse impact in their recruitment processes using Thomas International's Personal Profile Analysis (PPA).

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The Candidate Experience

Candidates who have a positive experience in your recruiting process will be more likely to accept your job offer, reapply in future and refer others to your company. So with that in mind, in 2019 we launched Candidate Feedback reports for four of our assessments.

The delivery of professional and easily understandable feedback to all candidates in a timely manner using easy to understand language and visually engaging imagery strengthens the candidate experience and enhances the recruiter’s brand image. By offering free assessment feedback, organisations can also attract more candidates into their recruitment process and so increase their talent pool.

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