Remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process

Our talent assessment platform can help you to increase the diversity of your workforce and reduce unconscious bias in your decision making processes.

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85% of CEOs whose organisations have a diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy say it has enhanced business performance. A lack of diversity in your workforce and unconscious bias in your decision making processes is harmful to your business and prevents you from hiring and keeping genuine talent.


Are you confident your recruitment process removes bias at every step?


Are you making critical recruitment decisions objectively?


Is your business truly diverse and does it support inclusivity?

How we can help with recruitment

  • Before beginning the recruitment process, select the traits of your ideal candidate using our job profiling tool
  • As applications begin to arrive, use star ratings to objectively rank candidates against your pre-selected criteria
  • Use our targeted interview guide to help frame questions based on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
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Harvey Nash case study

Removing bias from Harvey Nash's recruitment processes

Watch how Harvey Nash used Thomas' Behaviour assessment to find evidence of bias or discrimination in their recruitment processes.

Improve performance through diversity

The evidence shows that having a more diverse workforce improves business performance. 

Our whitepaper, 'Rethinking Workplace Diversity', outlines the benefits that a more diverse workforce brings and how to overcome the challenges to achieving this.

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Rethinking Workplace Diversity whitepaper

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How we can help you with internal recruitment and promotions

  • Find the person with the right skillset for the role – define the traits required before looking at candidates
  • Compare candidates to each other based on their assessment results matching these traits
  • Delve deeper into their strengths and limitations through individually targeted interview questions

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We're extremely proud of the work we've done with hundreds of businesses worldwide helping them become more aware and committed to building inclusive cultures and diverse workforces.

- Guy Ballantine, Chief Executive Officer
Guy Ballantine

Recruit a diverse workforce and reduce unconscious bias in your decision making with our talent assessment platform.