Improve Your Development: Online and Offline

Improve Your Development: Online and Offline

77% of organisations report they’re currently experiencing a leadership gap.  And only 26% of employees report feeling ‘highly valued’ at work with 33% of people even feeling undervalued! 


Do you need help with identifying and developing future leaders?


Are you setup to support the development of your people online?


Are you fully equipped to deal with under-performing individuals and teams?

From improving employee engagement to developing future leaders

Our Solution

  • A range of assessments offering in depth and comparable people insights based on employee behaviour, aptitude and personality
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of how to identify successful leaders of the future based on the six personality traits
  • Supporting managers and employees to improve their performance based on improved awareness of themselves and others
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These assessments allow the senior team to facilitate employee development, have a better understanding of what motivates each worker, and remove all assumptions from the recruiting and redeployment processes.

- Simon Bastin-Mitchell, Commercial Manager

Using our Assessments for Development

Our assessments explore multiple aspects of behaviour, aptitude and personality in the workplace to provide you with a comprehensive but accessible overview of both yourself and your employees. They will help you for example to identify how the combination of a person's behaviour and personality contribute to their professional success. Or show you how personality and emotional intelligence help people to develop practical strategies to improve their performance at work.

Old Behaviour BAP Circle

  • Manage performance at an individual level
  • Identify areas for development
  • Communicate more effectively particularly when working remotely

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Old Aptitude BAP Circle

  • Understanding how quickly someone learns new information
  • Keep them motivated and engaged
  • Understand how best to develop individuals through training

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Old Personality BAP Circle

  • Understanding a person's personality traits allows you to better understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Create and support leadership development plans

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Six Traits of Successful Leaders

Inspiring effective leaders who can drive direction and vision are critical in the success of your organisation. But how can you identify those with the potential to lead your organisation to greatness?

The High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) measures the six key traits of high performing business leaders in the modern workplace and supports you in identifying, managing and developing leadership potential at work.

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Personal Development

We support individual development through improved awareness of both yourself and others. The insights that our assessments deliver mean that development plans are truly bespoke and based on the individual.

We can also help at a team level in helping team members to use their improved awareness to communicate more effectively and understand how to modify their behaviours to work more productively together.

And last but not least, having an organisation-wide strategy to help develop and motivate employees is essential yet often over-looked.

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