Remote Working Resources for Businesses

In this time of uncertainty, we have put together practical content to help you ensure you're maximising the effectiveness of remote working in your business.

To support businesses of all sizes, we've developed a brand new Managing Remote Workers report!

Find a series of remote working resources for businesses as recent events force us to change the way we manage and communicate with our people. Whether you are looking for remote working resources for managers which will allow you to better understand how to support your staff when working remotely, or more specifically remote working resources for leaders, as you attempt to steer your organisation through a changing working environment, we hope you’ll find what you need in the resources below.

Manage your remote workers more effectively with this NEW Thomas report

The Managing Remote Workers report is a new PPA report from Thomas that identifies a person’s potential challenges when working remotely and how you can best support them in a remote working environment.

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New Managing Remote Workers PPA report
Remote working resources - Communicating with remote teams

Communicating from a distance

It’s widely expected that most businesses across the world will be rolling out new policies for supporting employees working from home where possible. As a result, businesses will have to adapt their practices, policies and people engagement approaches at a faster pace than originally anticipated to make this work for them.

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Three secrets to effective remote working for your employees

Good remote performance management is essential, not only to help your people achieve their best work, but also to ensure they don’t feel isolated. That’s why it’s critical to make sure existing business processes and support are tailored to the individual.

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Remote working resources - 3 secrets to remote working
Remote working resources - Keeping remote workers engaged and motivated

Unlocking the Power of Emotional Intelligence: Keeping Your Employees Engaged and Motivated Remotely

Some individuals thrive in a remote working environment, whilst others seem to struggle to stay motivated. Understanding individual differences in Emotional Intelligence can help managers and team members keep each other engaged, enthusiastic and focused when working from home.

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Become Accredited using our Virtual Classrooms

To continue supporting our thousands of customers globally, we’re pleased to say our full suite of accreditations courses have been moved to virtual classrooms. Within these classrooms rated ‘Excellent’, you will be welcomed by one of our experienced trainers who will take your individual learning needs into consideration. Delivered in a day, you will get plenty of breaks and topics are delivered to suit your learning style.

Virtual learning the Thomas way will not be boring and what’s more, you will leave the classroom having completed your Knowledge Assessment so you can sit back and expect your Certificate within 48 hours!

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virtual classrooms
Manage your remote workers more effectively with Thomas' NEW report
Remote working resources - Driving engagement and productivity when teams go remote webinar

Driving engagement and productivity when teams go remote

With the recent rapid acceleration in the number of us working remotely, the job of people managers is becoming more complicated. So, how can you manage your people more effectively, from a distance? Jayson Darby, Head of Global Science and Carmen Amador Barreiro, Business Psychologist, Thomas International discuss in our webinar.

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What personality can tell us about success in remote working

“Remote work is no longer the ‘work of the future’, it is the work of today.” – Ian MacRae

In this webinar, Ian MacRae, test author of the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) and Head of Workplace Psychology at Clear Review and Stephen Cuppello, Senior psychologist at Thomas International will discuss some of the challenges of remote working and how to overcome them.

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Success in remote working
Remote working resources - Success in remote working webinar

How to make remote working a success

Are you trying to get your employees to make a success of remote working? Have a look at our handy infographic with some easy to follow tips to make sure that your managers and employees are making the most out of their day whilst working remotely!

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We've got a wealth of additional resources that you can find in our resource section