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Jayson Darby

Jayson Darby
Jayson Darby
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What is your role at Thomas?

As the Director of Science, I lead three teams across the UK and South Africa: Psychology, Data Science, and Content Experience. Together, the Science department ensures that our psychometric IP, content assets and data insights are applied to enhance the customer experience of our products. It’s great fun!

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

The pace of change has always kept things exciting, and it has created a lot of opportunities for people to develop and try new things in their career. As we’ve grown, we’ve created new teams and new specialisms and it’s this openness to let people job craft that I have enjoyed the most over the past 7 years.

What do your assessments say about you?

That I am exceptionally competitive and impatient, whilst also talking far too much. Ultimately, I like to feel successful and enjoy feeling like lots of things are moving at once. I enjoy debates and discussions, and often verbalise the stream of consciousness going through my head. I’ve had the benefit of Thomas’ solutions for years, so I hope I’ve become better at modifying some of my more extreme characteristics!

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

I’m a huge gamer and so I channel my competitiveness into online gaming. It’s great escapism and has been a brilliant way to stay connected with people in recent times. Outside of that, I can often be found walking along the clifftop routes outside of Brighton and Eastbourne when the weather allows it!