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Luke McKeever

Luke McKeever
Chief Executive Officer (Board Member)
Luke McKeever
Impulse Control

What is your role at Thomas? 

As Thomas’ CEO, I have the pleasure of leading a team of extremely talented colleagues to bring to market innovative solutions that create positive outcomes for our customers, their teams and our partners and colleagues around the globe.

What is the best thing about working at Thomas? 

Am I allowed two things? Without doubt, number one is our people; they are my top focus and priority. I am excited to develop close working relationships with our remarkable global team as we continue to grow the Thomas platform. The second thing is the positive impact that our unique science and software has on the companies that use them and the individuals who take our assessments. Helping people to fit into the right roles and flourish is a very powerful motivator.

What do the assessments say about you? 

As an ‘I-D’ profile, the assessments reveal that I am an influential and assertive individual who cares deeply about the impact I have on others. They also indicate that I am an agile and adaptable leader who is unafraid to challenge the status quo and innovate in order to outperform the competition.

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas? 

I like to be physically active, walking our dog with my wife, working out in the gym or cycling with my sons. Playing the acoustic guitar also brings me a lot of pleasure, although I suspect I may be the only one in the house that feels that way! When I am not working, strumming, or spending time with my family, I love reading and listening to podcasts on a broad range of topics, visiting new places, taking photographs, cooking (and eating!), and following my beloved football team.