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Maria Drakoula

Maria Drakoula
Customer Success
Maria Drakoula
Risk Approach
Spatial Visualisation
Perceptual Speed
Emotion Perception
Emotion Regulation

What is your role at Thomas?

As the Customer Success Operations Manager, my priority is to improve systems and processes supporting our CS Sales team, so they can in turn provide excellent service to our customers. I also provide the leadership team with key data insights, so they can make informed business decisions. 

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

The people! We have a fantastic team of passionate, intelligent people who proudly support diversity and inclusion, and are eager to help overcome any challenge!

What do your assessments say about you?

That I thrive when I am interacting with people and when working as part of a team. I am an empath and a people-pleaser, with high conscientiousness at work, so I always strive to do my very best whilst helping others achieve their goals too.

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

I enjoy outdoors activities with my daughter and meeting loved ones! I love walks in the forest, exploring the gorgeous British little towns and villages, indoor climbing, food and shopping!