Sabby Gill

Sabby Gill
Chief Executive Officer (Board Member)
Sabby Gill
Number, Speed & Accuracy
Perceptual Speed
Emotion Management

What is your role at Thomas?

I’m one of the many business leaders at Thomas.  I lean into whatever needs to be done, whether that is to make the coffee, speak to customers, engage with partners, collaborate with our board or even on occasion flip some pancakes. Seriously, I have the pleasure of leading 200 extremely talented, engaging, professional and sometimes funny group of friends and colleagues to bring to market innovative solutions that create positive business outcomes for our customers and colleagues. 

What is the Best Thing About Working At Thomas International?

Without a doubt it is our People. Our colleagues are our IP. Without them we’d be lost.  They will always be my number one focus and priority, and I’m excited to engage with each and every colleague on a one-to-one basis every six months, spending quality time getting to know them, their environment and their professional and personal aspirations.  People are Thomas’s Number 1 asset. 

What do your Assessments Say About You? 

I’m glad that they say that I am not crazy, I set high standards for myself and of others, and I can be self-critical when I do not achieve what I set out to.  I’m seen as outgoing, gregarious, peace loving, diplomatic, energetic. I always ask “why” and “how”.  I’d also say that I am undemanding of others, but I occasionally find it difficult to say “no” to requests for help. I’m rarely overtly critical and will not knowingly antagonise, but I am a perfectionist and rather sensitive.  

What Do you Most Enjoy Outside of Thomas?

I’m very much a family man - they are my world.  So all my time is spent carting around after them. On occasion when I do get my own free time, I keep an eye on how my beloved Reading FC and India Cricket Team are doing.  Food and wine also play a pivotal part in my life, and I love exploring new cuisines and the cultures that go alongside them. We try to visit different countries often to explore the unknown.