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Blowleaf: Anchoring recommendations in behavioural science



United Kingdom
Aptitude (GIA)
Behaviour (PPA)
Personality (HPTI)

The Challenge

The career consultancy needed to be able to offer its clients insights to understand where their vocation lies and inform future career moves. Ahead of the launch of its online membership platform in 2021, Blowleaf Total Career Solutions needed a rigorous yet accessible psychometric assessment platform provider.

Amid a global labour and skills shortage, the career advisory also needed a solution that would help it differentiate from competitors. The speed and ease-of-use of the chosen solution were therefore essential to the success of its new venture. With hybrid working affecting recruiters’ ability to meet candidates in person, assessment accuracy was also critical.


The Solution

Crucial to Blowleaf’s decision to adopt Thomas assessments was the accuracy and rigour of the Thomas solutions. Validated by the British Psychological Society and authored by world-leading occupational psychologists, Thomas assessments and reports are precisely tailored to the individual.

Cofounder and Managing Partner Daine Ferguson says: “I did a test myself a number of years ago, and it was unnaturally accurate. My wife agreed with every word of the report. Thomas was also highly recommended by one of our clients, Rolex, the watch company. They told me that all the reports for their people in Switzerland and the UK had been spot on, and that the assessments had been powerful recruitment tools as well.”

The product we are using is phenomenal. The way you can access everything online through Thomas Perform is superb. Thomas gives us an additional level of professionalism – it's a really strong string to our bow.

Daine Ferguson
Cofounder and Managing Partner

For example, Ferguson continues, “Having worked in one profession for about 25 years, one of our clients made a significant career change. The Thomas International profile helped to reinforce the recommendation that we made, and within about six months his new business has gone from strength to strength. He is incredibly happy with his new vocation. In no small way that is down to Thomas International.”

“We trialled the questionnaire at a school with something like ninety teachers. It was brilliant. The assessment is really easy for their staff to digest and opens up consideration of their working styles. They have come back to us saying that they should have done this years ago, and that it has become the cornerstone of their in-house professional development.”


The Results

As the race for talent intensifies, the capability to quickly and accurately predict performance puts Blowleaf ahead. Offering an objective basis for career advice that focuses on transferable skills, the adoption of Thomas psychometric assessments has helped to futureproof Blowleaf’s service.  

Using Thomas assessments, Blowleaf’s clients are better able to understand where their vocation lies. Blowleaf adopted Thomas perform, giving the consultancy access to Thomas’ Personality, Behaviour and Aptitude assessments ahead of the launch of its new online membership platform. The career advisory is now able to anchor recommendations in behavioural science, validating life-changing career decisions.

Ferguson concludes, “The product we are using is phenomenal. The way you can access everything online through Thomas Perform is superb, and it works for us. Thomas gives us an additional level of professionalism – it's a really strong string to our bow. The questionnaire we use assesses personality, behavioural and aptitude, with a report that you don’t need to hire a certified coach to be able to translate. It is incredibly accurate, assessing individuals in three different ways, really easy to administer, just above and beyond competitors in the market.”

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