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Brom Sulaiman

Brom Sulaiman
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Brom Sulaiman
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What is your role at Thomas?

I am Lead User Experience (UX) Designer at Thomas. My focus is on all aspects of our product development including design and usability, branding and marketing. I spend as much time as I can talking to customers, testing prototypes, gathering and synthesising feedback and using data to iterate on our product designs to solve customer challenges.

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

My colleagues and the product! I love the people I work with and am lucky enough to be able to work with a variety of incredibly gifted subject matter experts across the business. The product itself is something I have been fully invested in since joining Thomas and am excited to continue to help fulfil it’s potential.

What do your assessments say about you? 

I found the assessment results reaffirming and enlightening when I was first presented with them. My results highlighted my high conscientiousness which can lead me to be perfectionistic and find it hard to delegate (something I’m working on!). I found the results really useful for developing my leadership style and interacting with colleagues who may have a different approach to myself.

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

Outside of Thomas you will often find me in my home gym, spending time exploring in nature and travelling. I still have a few countries left to explore, but I’m checking them off slowly.