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Being a people manager can be a difficult job at the best of times. When you’re in the office managing people face-to-face, at least you can rely on non-verbal cues to help guide conversations. But when you’re managing remotely, this becomes a lot more difficult. With more companies moving to hybrid working, you may have team members that you’ve never met in person. Add to that the fact that if you asked your team members how they want to be managed, motivated, and communicated with, few if any would have the self-awareness to be able to tell you. 

Release the insight, unleash the potential 

Knowing that everyone is different and has their own preferences, how can any manager get to grips with this, other than through trial and error? Without resorting to reading minds or even mind control, one much easier way is through psychometrics – gaining an insight into the aptitudes, behavioural and personality traits of your people helps you to get the best out of them.

Communication Style Jan 2022

Our talent assessment platform Thomas Perform has been designed to be intuitive and to give you content that can be used out of the box in day to day working life – with no requirements for psychometric or psychology training. Whether you’re recruiting new staff or managing an existing team, Thomas Perform provides deep insight into your people to help you get the decisions that matter right first time. 

As a people manager myself, I find the content invaluable for getting to know my team – the graphic above shows my own communication style, and if you know me, you’ll be able to see that it’s spot on. Getting this level of understanding of an individual’s preferences makes it much easier to have conversations with them and to keep them engaged.  

Motivation – one size doesn’t fit all

How to Motivate Jan 2022

Motivation is key to performance and employee engagement. As individuals, we all want to be valued members of a winning team that’s on an inspiring mission. This really does start with the simplest of things – knowing how to motivate your people and make them feel valued. By understanding someone’s personality and behavioural preferences, you get a deep insight into what makes them tick and can motivate them much more easily.

How to Manage Jan 2022

If you are a people manager, then Thomas Perform could give you management superpowers. While you may not be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound or see through walls, the insight that it gives could have people wondering if you’ve gained the ability to read or control minds. Knowing why your team members behave the way they do, and how they want to be managed, motivated and communicated with will have other managers asking what your secret is! 

Give your managers superpowers with Thomas Perform and help them unleash the power of their people. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.