Rapid, remote recruitment in 5 easy steps | Thomas.co

Hiring and retaining the right people has always been a costly and difficult process. But in the current labour shortage, organisations are going to have to pull out all the stops to prevent resource constraints from impeding operations. Recruiters desperately need to widen their talent pool, and they need to be able to recruit rapidly and remotely with confidence.

One thing is clear: however well-developed your recruitment process may have been, the old rules no longer apply. And whether you’re looking to hire or onboard new recruits, or develop your own people to fill resource gaps, you’ll need the right tools.  

Thomas’ leading behavioural assessments, Aptitude in particular, can help organisations widen their candidate pools to overcome the labour shortage without compromising hire quality, and sift candidates remotely, prior to any interviews being carried out. Our assessments support a sure-fire recruitment process that ensures you have the insight you need to recruit the right candidates.  

2021-10 Thomas International - Recruitment Infographic