Webinar: Why 60% of New Hires Fail and How to Fix It | Thomas.co

In this blog, we unpack key insights from one of our webinars, "The Talent Time Bomb: How to Develop a Progressive Talent Culture.”

Based on research surveying over 900 HR and talent leaders globally, the session featured experts discussing the complex challenges of modern recruitment.


Key issues highlighted were:

  • The need for speed in hiring and getting new recruits to productivity quickly. 60% of new hires in the last 2 years were reported as not working out by respondents.
  • The importance of soft skills in recruitment, development, and retention. 43% reported a soft skills shortage.
  • Balancing fast hiring with hiring for the right long-term fit. Hiring too quickly often leads to poor fit, compromised candidate quality, and additional cost implications if the hire doesn't work out.

Take a look at what one of our panellists had to say: 


  • Andrew Dewar, Joint Senior Partner at a leading estate agency in Surrey and a client of Thomas for over ten years, emphasized not rushing to fill roles just because there is a gap. It is better to have a vacancy than hire the wrong person, leading to poor fit and turnover.
  • Soft skills are prioritized over technical skills in many roles. You can teach technical skills but not soft skills or fit with the team.


  • Research shared indicates that soft skills predict performance more than experience. Also, conscientiousness is highly correlated with performance across roles.
  • Personality assessments like Thomas' PPA are used by Andrew after an initial interview, to construct additional interview questions and probe areas that may indicate poor fit or attitude.
  • The assessments are also used after hiring in a debrief to provide self-awareness to new hires on their working style and personality.


Key takeaways:

  • Don't compromise on candidate quality or rush hiring, even if there is pressure, as bad hires have significant cost implications.
  • Soft skills predict performance and are prioritized over technical skills in many roles. Assessments can provide insight into soft skills.
  • Personality assessments are useful interview and self-awareness tools when hiring and onboarding.
  • Conscientiousness is highly correlated with performance. Management soft skills are crucial for encouraging this.