Team Interaction in the Age of Work Tech |

Team Interaction in the Age of Work Tech

Business media and research is overflowing with statistics highlighting the challenges with productivity, leadership, and employee engagement across the global workforce.

This breakthrough paper by industry analyst George LaRocque examines these challenges, and why addressing them is critical for businesses. It looks at why interpersonal interactions within teams and companies are so important, and how the arrival of a new solution category, team interaction optimisation (TIO), will help organisations thrive.

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This report will explore:

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Why Work Tech?

The report explains how economic, societal and market forces have challenged organisations and why team interaction optimisation and the wider Work Tech category offer vital solutions.

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The emergence of Work Tech

The report identifies invaluable opportunities that this new category offers teams, from optimised workflows, to supporting DE&I initiatives with proven people science.

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Predictions for the future

The report presents key predictions for the future of the Work Tech-enabled workforce, and the impact of transforming workplace interactions.