Thomas unveils Thomas Elevate: A cutting-edge Learning Management System |

We’re excited to introduce Thomas Elevate, designed to help professionals at every level of your organisation enhance their skills. With Thomas Elevate, we blend different learning approaches to leverage people science effectively, ultimately driving organisational success.

Thomas has proudly announced the launch of Thomas Elevate, a groundbreaking Learning Management System (LMS) set to transform the landscape of upskilling for professionals at all levels of the organisation. Thomas Elevate helps organisations foster a culture of continued learning and development and empowers professionals with unparallelled tools for skill enhancement and people science application.

Through a variety of innovative features, including microlearnings, peer-to-peer training, engaging multimedia formats such as videos, interactive self-learning, workshops, and certification programmes, Thomas Elevate offers a comprehensive learning experience like no other. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of our people science platforms or broaden your skill set in related areas, we've got you covered. And there's more! We've gamified the learning experience to make it not only informative but also fun and engaging: Earn badges, climb leaderboards, and compete with your peers as you embark on your learning journey with Thomas Elevate.

Luke McKeever, CEO at Thomas, highlights "Thomas Elevate presents a significant leap forward in our ongoing commitment to supporting our customers. It's not just about offering another training tool; it's about transforming the way organisations learn and grow. Our team of passionate training and enablement specialists has meticulously crafted content that's informative, engaging, and impactful, ensuring that users get the most out of our robust science. I'm thrilled about the positive difference Thomas Elevate will make in helping our customers succeed and meet evolving demands."

Kira van Niekerk, Global Director of Customer Enablement at Thomas, explains, “At Thomas, we believe in the power of education to drive positive change within organisations. With Thomas Elevate, we're taking that belief to the next level. Our unique approach ensures that users can learn at their own pace while benefiting from valuable human interaction when they need it. Our goal is to empower every user to reach their full potential and contribute to the success of their organisation."

Contact us for more information about Thomas Elevate and its features: [email protected] 

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