Pinpoint candidates’ potential to succeed |

10-Minute Takeaways

Pinpoint candidates’ potential to succeed

Today’s skills will be obsolete tomorrow. So Hiring Managers must recruit for potential: the potential to learn new skills and apply them to the changing demands of the workplace. 

Studies show that personality is more predictive of job success than experience. Recruiting for potential also expands the talent pool and opens doors for more diverse talent. 

This 10-Minute Takeaway guide to Recruiting for Potential combines frontier research with actionable advice on the pitfalls to watch out for when recruiting for potential.

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What does this 10-Minute Takeaway guide cover?

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Why are firms recruiting for potential?

Understand why the emphasis of recruitment is shifting away from experience and towards potential.

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Recruitment pitfalls to watch out for

This 10-Minute Takeaway guide presents six pitfalls to avoid when recruiting candidates for professional potential.

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How to reliably predict candidate performance

Gain practical insights that you can apply to predict performance, expand your talent pool and improve diversity.