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Kira van Niekerk

Kira van Niekerk
Training & Education
Kira van Niekerk
Number Speed & Accuracy
Emotion Perception

What is your role at Thomas?

As Global Director of Training & Enablement at Thomas, I support our global training team in a variety of ways. Whether it is the creation of new and updated content or collating the great insight from our international training experts, my job is to leverage our talent at Thomas International to provide the best training experience that enables our customers.

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

Being a part of Team Thomas! This doesn’t just mean that I have a great team in my department, at Thomas it truly is a team effort where everyone pitches in to make the world of work a better place using psychometric assessments.

What do your assessments say about you? 

I love working with and through people to find creative solutions to complex problems in a collaborative manner. While I can put my foot down if need be, I prefer to use my expertise and professionalism to do so than being overly assertive.

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

I am an avid music lover – I enjoy listening and support the local music scene but also making my own when I get the chance! Nothing brings people together like music. It’s the great unifier.