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TIO for Individuals

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Be your best self at work

Identify your unique strengths and use it to elevate your career, feel happier at work and be truly valued for who you are. All with people-science.

Employee Wellbeing
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Our insights will empower you

  • To know yourself better  
  • Perform at your best  
  • Be a part of a high performing team  
  • Be valued for who you are  
  • Make real progress 

Really get to know yourself and feel empowered by what you bring to the table. Use your unique skills and traits to propel your team, knowing that you have our world-backed science in your corner supporting you along the way.

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Find your purpose

Use the power of science to understand your team, work better and make the most out of every meeting. We’ll help you see which tasks and roles you naturally excel at, and then sit back and watch as you achieve your full potential.

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Feel supported

Use our science to understand your emotional resilience, boost your confidence and develop ways of working that support your well-being within a high performing team.

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Build connections that matter

Communicate in a way that works for everyone by using our insights to understand each team members personal communication style. Use it to build a culture of mutual understanding and respect, and empower everyone to thrive at work by feeling more understood.