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How Createment predicts candidate success based on assessment results

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Aptitude (GIA)

Thomas’ GIA assessment is a very good predictor of candidates’ success in our unique selection process and with a client.

Jeroen van der Made

The Challenge

From his own experience, Jeroen knows that filling highly specialised tech roles can be a challenge. Together with his two co-founders, he was convinced that the solution could not be found via traditional recruitment means. “Instead, we developed a process for connecting organisations with a tech vacancy and potential highly skilled candidates with or without a job. Not through a standard traineeship or secondment, but through a unique process that brings clients and candidates together.”

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The Solution

The partners developed a process in which supply and demand come together in a unique way. A client initially reports one or more tech vacancies to Createment. Several candidates respond to this  vacancy, and then the selection process begins. “We always start with Thomas International’s GIA assessment, which measures the learning ability of a candidate. Based on the years of experience we have with this assessment, we know that the results are a very good predictor of the rest of the selection process and of the ultimate success of the candidate in the organisation in which he/she is  placed. The assessment does not measure the IQ of the candidate, but how quickly they absorb new information.”

This pre-selection is followed by a technical assessment, which examines how the candidate deals with technical information. “Candidates are inundated with information during this assessment, which lasts a day. Of course, they are guided during the day, but an important objective of this round is to see how someone handles instructions and whether they have an aptitude for solving tech issues,” says Jeroen. The candidates who achieve a good result are introduced to the client. The IT traineeship then begins, in which the trainee embarks on an extensive training program, followed by a ‘learning on the job’ phase. This intensive program of training, coaching and supervision is ultimately rewarded with a permanent position at the organisation where the trainee learned the trade.

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The Results

Using the GIA assessment as a pre-selection tool is a logical and necessary step for Createment. “Over the past years we have collected and analysed a lot of data about candidates who have taken the GIA. Now we know that with this tool, we can make a very reliable prediction about the future success of a candidate in the selection process and in the eventual career of the candidate. If it appears that a candidate’s learning capacity exceeds a certain value, the selection process is  continued. 97% of the candidates who successfully complete the selection procedure are ultimately placed with a client to their complete satisfaction.

This objective assessment has another important advantage. Createment hardly looks at candidates’ education and CV. “A CV says something about someone’s interest, but little about the candidate’s  qualities. We specifically look for someone who fits the client, based on personality and learning ability, not on experience, because we believe that certain skills can be learned and developed.” In addition, occasionally a candidate’s native language is not Dutch. “The assessment is available in many languages, which enables us to achieve the most accurate results. In addition, the online platform is  very easy to use. It is the combination of the GIA assessment with our own technical assessment that makes this way of working so powerful.”

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