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Improving the candidate experience and hiring the right people for each position



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The Challenge

Stephen Joined IFS in 2018, initially as regional president APJ ME&A, before moving to his current role in July 2022. Since then, he has sought to simplify and standardise core processes, with recruitment being a key area of focus. IFS has established an in-house talent acquisition team to improve speed of hire, quality of hire and overall candidate experience. One of the ways they have achieved this is by incorporating the Thomas platform into the recruitment process. 


The Solution

IFS chose Thomas to support their recruitment strategy as several senior executives had experience using Thomas in previous companies and understood the value proposition. They knew that Thomas would be a great fit for IFS, and that we would be able to support them into scaling the business with a long-term partnership.

IFS is going through a rapid period of growth both organically and through acquisition, which brought a sense of urgency for recruitment to the business. 

As part of the recruitment process, IFS build out ideal job profiles in the Thomas platform, using candidate comparison to inform their interview questions and help ensure they hire the right applicant every time. 

“The insights from their Behaviour profile help us evaluate a candidates' character traits and preferences in a more in-depth way to determine whether they will be a suitable fit for any given role”.

Introducing new tools can sometimes be a challenge, especially education, enablement and knowledge sharing. IFS worked with us to facilitate workshops and drop-in clinics to make sure all hiring mangers felt comfortable and empowered to use the platform to make better hiring decisions. The senior leadership team were fully bought into using Thomas, which made a huge difference to the uptake of the platform. The Thomas platform is now such an integral part of the recruitment process that all shortlisted candidates must undertake a Thomas Behaviour profile.


The Result

By using the Thomas platform, IFS have been able to hugely improve their candidate experience as well as ensure they are hiring the right people for each position. This has allowed them to reduce attrition and invest in people who will bring value to the business in the long term. 

“Since using Thomas, IFS has seen a real difference in the quality of new hires, as well as a significant reduction in voluntary attrition during the first 6 months of employment.” 

Here at Thomas, we know how important employee satisfaction is to productivity and tenure within a business. IFS are also focused on this, and regularly use employee satisfaction surveys across all staff and new joiners to understand their experience. They consistently receive high scores and positive feedback from their employees including an average of 9.6/10 on the interview process as well as an exceptional e-NPS score of +65. 

As well as a great outcome from using the platform, IFS have been impressed by the level of support from the team here at Thomas. Their Customer Success Manager Jacqui has been excellent in introducing the IFS team to additional content in the platform and helping put together ideal job profiles, with the assistance of our dedicated science team – something we pride ourselves on at Thomas. 

As IFS continues to grow, we look forward to supporting them with the continued development of their recruitment strategy, as well as adding value in their employee development through Thomas 360 feedback.