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Thomas assessment tools prove instrumental in helping Revera to build leadership resilience by embracing their strengths leading them to increased business success

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Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)

The Challenge

Revera is in the people business; staff need to be people focused with client as well as with each other. Emotional challenges are part of the job when working with people and their families who are trying to choose the best options for an aging family member. It’s vital that staff are able to keep calm, level-headed, be empathetic, be assertive as needed, and to pick up on the emotions of others.

Leaders at Revera know how important demonstrating Emotional Intelligence is; they also know that most people need guidance in understanding how Emotional Intelligence looks in action.

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The Solution

Revera engaged Thomas International to begin a project of instilling the language of Emotional Intelligence throughout the organization. Understanding that ‘leaders have to go first’ the project started with 600 of their key leaders. All 600 took the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, (TEIQue).

The TEIQue is a unique emotional intelligence assessment that asks a person to rate their capacity against 15 different facets of emotion, including Empathy, Emotion Expression, Emotion Perception, Assertiveness, and Stress Management. Knowing where their capacity is and understanding how it shows up for them in the workplace, people can learn to flex their capacity to suit the situation.

All 600 leaders received their results along with a ‘thought starter’ document. At their annual conference, Thomas facilitated a two hour Emotional Intelligence session with a focus on the TEIQue and understanding various Facets of emotion aligned with their business and roles.

Cheryl Bardouille joined Revera as the Manager of Learning and Development. Cheryl also knew the value of Emotional Intelligence and became a Certified Analyst to become an in-house expert for interpretation of the TEIQue assessment. Cheryl’s responsibilities at Revera include Leadership Development, and she integrated the TEIQue into Revera University, to support the learning pillars of Lead Self, Lead Others, and Lead Functions.

Revera partnered with Thomas to create four webinars, to build awareness of how emotions impact leaders’ understanding of themselves and others, as well as how they build trust and develop resilience. Learners complete the TEIQue in advance, and each webinar discusses workplace application of the TEIQue in Revera’s context. These webinars are facilitated in-house, to ensure the importance of emotional intelligence is kept front and foremost in the staff’s mind and behaviour.

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The Results

The language of Emotional Intelligence is now woven throughout the fabric of Revera. After the conference, leaders started to talk openly with each other about their results, to embrace their strengths and develop any challenging areas.

The TEIQue is a foundational part of developing current and upcoming leaders’ skill sets, to help them build leadership resilience, realize where their challenges may be, and to give practical advice and strategies on how to create followers and increase business success.

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