Psychometric Training & Accreditation |

When psychometric tests are used effectively they can be a powerful tool in helping us to understand how someone will perform in the role rather than just on academic qualifications or C.V's.

From gaining valuable insight into some of the areas of psychology to understanding how a candidate will best operate in the workplace, becoming certified in delivering psychometric tests can give you valuable knowledge and even boost your employability.



At Thomas International, we have a comprehensive range of training options which include learning online, in-house sessions and even workshops to give you the confidence and the necessary skills to become an accredited psychometric tester. 

We are going to take a closer look at psychometric training and accreditation and give you some further insight into how Thomas International can help you achieve your qualifications. 

What is the Thomas certificate in psychometric testing?

Thomas offers certification in psychometric testing in four main areas: Behaviour, Aptitude, Emotional Intelligence and Personality

With Foundation and Accreditation courses, participants are given the tools and knowledge to not only carry out the tests in a professional context but also gain a wider understanding of the principles used to understand the psychology involved in these examinations. 

For anyone that achieves certification, they will: 

  • Have a deep understanding of psychometric testing
  • Know how to conduct effective psychometric tests
  • Be capable of accurately assessing test results
  • Gain real expertise in understanding and writing reports
  • Be able to connect with your peers in a professional environment
  • Understand how to assess the different demands of a job and workplace

How to achieve the certificate in psychometric testing 

There are three principle ways that the Thomas accreditation in psychometric testing is delivered. 

Virtual Classrooms

These classrooms provide the opportunity to learn from anywhere and they are designed to cater for all learning styles and behavioural types. Unsurprisingly, this has quickly become one of the most popular classroom experiences. Training is split into two sessions: Foundation & Accreditation. This provides an opportunity to split up the full day training and attend when it best suits your schedule.


In-House Sessions

An organisation’s team dynamics is essential to make sure that training fits in with everything else. Most in-house training is bespoke to the needs of the client, and candidates will work with one of Thomas’ training experts to adjust their public courses to fit the candidates company's needs.

Applied Knowledge Workshops

Sometimes, classroom time is not enough to get to grips with the subject matter alone, that’s why applied knowledge workshops form part of the training to help you understand and apply that knowledge. The Applied Knowledge workshop series spans topics from Assertiveness Skills and Communication styles through to Unlocking the Leader Within.

Why become certified?

The big question remains, what is gained from getting certified? Like with most certifications, demonstrating qualifications in your chosen field of work you are actively showing that you have a wider knowledge base to show your current and future employers that your skill sets are up to date and relevant to the job you have. For businesses, you can administer your own DISC assessments and interpret results - saving time and money.

But what certification also brings is a demonstration on the deep understanding of the concepts within psychology. Things such as understanding and learning about emotional intelligence can lead you to finding a great leader in the business or uncovering who may lack it to help them better develop this area. 

What is accreditation? 

When applying for the accreditation of Thomas psychometric training programme, it’s important to understand that what the accreditation provides is the recognition of someone being able to identify, understand and structure assessments and successfully carry these out specifically for the industry leading Thomas assessments. 

From the Personality to the Emotional Intelligence assessment, accreditation gives you what you require to be able to carry out these assessments and then give feedback. 

Accreditation also remains firmly important to provide evidence of training and an understanding of the course materials and what is required to make these assessments work. Giving out the wrong assessments or looking for the wrong kind of assessment tool can set businesses back, that’s why getting accreditation and updating your knowledge base is essential to continue with the implementation of these tests in the workplace. 

Accreditation is granted when completing the course and the training materials associated with each specific assessment type.

Find out more 

Visit our training page to learn more about the kinds of accreditations that are available and when the next certification and accreditation programmes start. You can find out more about the range of psychometric assessments that we offer here.