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Management Development

Don’t leave your managers undeveloped

Managers are the key to making change on the ground. Thomas equips them with the self-awareness and team insights they need to build and maintain and engaged and productive team.

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Empower and equip managers

People don’t leave a bad business: they leave an ill-equipped or unskilled manager. If managers don’t have development opportunities or effective onboarding into the role, employee engagement and effectiveness can be impacted.

Thomas equips managers with invaluable self-awareness into their own strengths as well as their work and communication preferences, which can support self-development, while informing development and coaching programmes. Don’t leave management to chance – ensure your managers have the tools and insight they need to be the best possible manager for their people.

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Get management superpowers

Even with development and coaching programmes, it can be hard for managers to connect with and really get to know their people. This can become even harder in a hybrid world.

The insights into their peoples’ personality and behavioural traits, as well as their work and communication styles and preferences, can turn your managers into super managers. Suddenly they understand why their people communicate the way they do, how they react to stress, cope with change, their approach to risk and even how they deal with conflict. With this knowledge, they will be able to navigate interactions with their team and support their wellbeing more effectively.

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Your tailor-made management toolkit

Thomas Applied Knowledge management courses give your managers the tools and skills they need to build high performing teams and make real progress.

Whether they are just starting out in management, or well established, these courses will help them learn more about themselves, finesse their management skills and modify their style and communication to get more out of others.

Discover your new work superpower