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Management Development

Don’t leave your managers undeveloped

Managers can sometimes be forgotten about when creating development plans, but developing your managers is as important as developing your front-line staff. Ensuring that your managers are equipped with the skills they need is vital to maintaining an engaged and productive workforce.

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Develop better managers

People don’t leave a bad business; they leave a bad manager. If managers haven’t been given development opportunities, this can negatively impact on employee engagement and staff attrition.

Thomas assessments can give managers self-awareness and help them to develop their skills, in addition to valuable insight into their team. This can help them to adjust their communication and management style to each staff member, making them feel more valued and engaged.

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Identify what makes a top manager

Organisations often don’t know what great management looks like. This can result in people being promoted into management roles solely on the basis of their performance.

Looking at the behavioural and personality traits of your top managers can help you to identify the sort of profile that you should be recruiting for. Combine this with hiring individuals with a higher aptitude, as well as those with a high emotional intelligence and you have much better odds of hiring the right manager.

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Equip them with the right toolkit

The Thomas Applied Knowledge management courses give your managers the skills and tools that they need to be successful.

Whether they’re just starting out in management or are well established, these courses can help them to learn more about themselves, to finesse their management skills and style, and how to become the manager that your business needs and deserves.

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