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Magdalena Borcal

Magdalena Borcal
Chief Customer Officer
Magdalena Borcal
Ambiguity Accceptance
Perceptual Speed

What is your role at Thomas?

I am the Chief Customer Officer, leading our Global Customer Success and Training & Enablement Teams. We focus on delivering exceptional Customer Experience to our clients and their candidates through each step of their journey with Thomas. We are passionate about providing 5-star service and spreading Thomas knowledge. 

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

Since joining in July 2021, what I have enjoyed the most has been working with the team, who are so passionate about Thomas tools. We all share a vision of a world of higher human achievement. 

What do your assessments say about you?

I am a very results-focused individual who gets a thrill from achieving goals. I’m also highly conscientious, sometimes even bit of a perfectionist. I have a pragmatic approach to life and at the same time, the glass is always half full in my world. Most challenges provide an opportunity for a positive outcome. My passionate and persistent nature may manifest as being stubborn sometimes. I really enjoy exploring the results of the assessments to understand myself better, and value the common language they offer my colleagues and I for discussing who we are and what drives us.   

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

Travelling and cooking are my favourite hobbies. I switch off from stress when I cook and enjoy exploring new tastes. Italian food is by far by favourite. I really enjoy travelling and exploring the world. My last holiday was Northern Ireland. Next on the list is somewhere in Asia.