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How to Build High Performing Teams

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Improve workplace teamwork

The world has changed. Why hasn’t the way we work together changed too?

Our inability to interact as we once did has left us feeling disconnected, disadvantaged and despondent. Team Interaction Optimisation (TIO), empowers everyone to understand themselves and each other, builds trust, helps forge connections and drive diversity. By enhancing how we work together, we can progress within successful organisations and achieve better outcomes.

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Hone hybrid working

Dispersed teams can easily become siloed, resulting in conflict and reduced productivity. Misunderstandings can quickly escalate and fester, and if not addressed can spiral into a toxic culture that knocks productivity on the head.

Thomas Perform gives each team member career-enhancing self-awareness, as well as objective insight into the communication preferences and personality traits of their team members. This makes it easier to build authentic relationships between colleagues and work together for success.

It’s time hybrid teams were cohesive, collaborative and destined for success.

Case Study: Saka

Saka is one of the fastest growing second-hand car companies in Finland. They share their secrets to succeeding through people in this short video.

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Interactions that take you places

From a networking event to a job interview, a tough conversation with a colleague or a chat with a direct report, interactions are defining. In teams and across companies, communication is key. When communications break down and interactions no longer work, the repercussions quickly spread throughout a business, damaging engagement and team performance.

Thomas Perform provides insights into how individuals prefer to work, communicate and contribute, equipping everyone with the insight they need to interact successfully – on their own and as part of winning teams.  

We've used [Thomas assessments] to match consultants to new projects and it has enabled us to put similarly minded individuals together in a team. This has given us a competitive advantage by accurately placing high performing consultants to support their clients requirements.

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Alan Reilly
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Elevate awareness, improve performance

Increasing your awareness of your own behavioural preferences, workplace personality and aptitude allows you to take ownership of your development and fast track your professional success.

Understanding others’ differences promotes cohesion whilst helping your team to tap into the power of diversity. Unlock improved team performance today with the power of people science in Thomas Perform.