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How to Build High Performing Teams

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Improve workplace teamwork

One team, one vision, one goal

A high performing team works towards a common goal, with everyone contributing their own talents and time, while collaborating and supporting each other. Building this level of trust and collaboration can be hard enough in a physical environment but becomes more so when working virtually.

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Hybrid teams

It’s all too easy for hybrid teams to grow apart and for silos to build up following assumptions and misunderstandings. This can then result in interpersonal conflict and reduced productivity.

Giving individuals self-awareness of their own behavioural preferences and personality traits using Thomas assessments helps them to better understand why they do what they do. Getting the team to share these with each other and discuss them can build a cohesive, collaborative team that is destined for success.

Case Study: Saka

Saka is one of the fastest growing second-hand car companies in Finland. They share their secrets to succeeding through people in this short video.

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It’s good to talk

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that communication is key in a team. If people don’t talk, or don’t talk in the way that someone expects or wants them to, then this can quickly destroy trust and bring a team to its knees.

The Thomas Behaviour assessment reveals how individuals like to communicate and be communicated with. See at a glance whether your people like to talk and share opinions, if they prefer detailed, written communications, if they want to be left to their own devices, or need to be able to check in regularly with their managers for reassurance.

We've used [Thomas assessments] to match consultants to new projects and it has enabled us to put similarly minded individuals together in a team. This has given us a competitive advantage by accurately placing high performing consultants to support their clients requirements.

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Skill them up

Many businesses focus on developing technical skills, often neglecting essential personal skills that enable individuals to become a better version of themselves, and to develop teams into a family unit.

Thomas offers a range of Applied Knowledge workshops that can drive self-awareness and enable individuals and teams alike to build their personal skills. These include Assertiveness Skills, Managing Conflict, Sharpening Communications, bespoke team workshops and a range of management skills courses suitable for managers of all levels.

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