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Financial Services Recruitment Tests

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Financial Services Recruitment Tests

Our changing geopolitical and economic landscape has a dramatic impact on Financial Services companies, causing many candidates to percieve the industry as unstable.  Firms must innovate to fill the skills gap and ensure profitability.

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Types of recruitment tests for financial services

You’re facing upheaval in global financial markets, a new world of remote working and accelerated digital transformation. To navigate these challenges, you need to retain top performers and look outside of traditional talent pools to find the right people, but without adding stress and workload.

For infrastructure, technology as well as validity, Thomas has been very good. From our experience, we see that candidates with high scores absorb learning material more easily and have good analytical skills.

Widyarini Utami - Danamon
Widyarini Utami
Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Head of Employer Branding

Fill the skills gap

With a decreasing talent pool to hire from, financial services businesses must look to grow their own talent from within. Bridging the skills gap maintaining engagement and agile working, all require fluid yet systematic succession planning.

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Accounting and finance aptitude test

  • The Thomas Personality assessment  identifies individuals’potential  for leadership or management
  • Boost performance and engagement by giving your people insight into their strengths and development areas by using the Thomas Behaviour assessment as part of a development plan
  • Identify candidates with the capacity to learn new skills quickly with the Thomas Aptitude assessment


Increase performance through diversity

85% of CEOs whose organisations have a diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy say it has enhanced business performance. Diversity pays dividends. Reach new talent and find the best talent by hiring for potential not just past experience.

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How we can help

  • Use Thomas assessments to understand the behavioural characteristics and personality traits shared by your top performers
  • Minimise bias by creating a job profile based on traits and characteristics, against which to objectively review applicants
  • Identify candidates with high aptitude, proven to be a better predictor of success in a role than previous experience or qualifications

Thomas assessments play a pivotal role in creating and driving the positive culture and in finding people with the right fit.

Kelly Guilmette - FCC
Kelly Guilmette
Talent Acquisition Consultant

Manage your hybrid team with ease

Hybrid work is now common in financial services businesses, bringing with it management and communication challenges.

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How we can help

  • Better understand individuals’ work and communication preferences with the Thomas Behaviour assessment
  • See how best to motivate and manage your people
  • Avoid burnout by gaining insight into your people’s resilience and stress responses

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Diversity & Inclusion Guide

85% of financial services CEOs said that promoting inclusion and diversity enhances business performance. Read this guide to learn more about the barriers to improving  diversity and inclusion, and how you can overcome them in your business.

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