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Diversity and Bias

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Diversity Hiring

Deliver through diversity

Diversity, equality and inclusion should be the norm in all businesses today. Demanded by the next generation of professionals, workforce diversity is proven to deliver financial outperformance and innovation. Critical for closing the growing global skills gap, diversity hiring can be blocked by unconscious bias.

Employee Wellbeing

Beat unconscious bias

Everyone has unconscious biases, and in a hiring context they can constrain workforce diversity. CVs and LinkedIn profiles just distort things further. Measure what matters in a role with objective people science insights that are proven to predict success more accurately than past experience.

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Measure what matters

It takes our brains 0.1 seconds to form an opinion about someone, so unconscious bias is likely affecting your hiring decisions. This prevents you from hiring and keeping top talent. 

Thomas provides you with unbiased data on what really matters: a candidate's potential to succeed in a role and fit within a team. Select the traits of your ideal candidate and rank applicants against this profile for improved recruitment outcomes.

Harvey Nash: Beating bias in recruitment

Watch how Harvey Nash used Thomas Perform to beat bias and increase diversity in recruitment.

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Deliver with diversity

Studies show that diversity improves business performance. Despite its moral and financial advantages, achieving workforce diversity often challenges companies.

Thomas Perform uses proven people science to understand cognitive diversity, enhancing business performance. This allows deeper assessment of candidates beyond initial impressions.

With businesses much more aware of soft skills and behavioural traits than ever, Thomas Perform makes it easier for businesses to unlock the potential of their people, increase diversity and inclusion and to recruit objectively.

Laura O Driscoll - Talent Solutions
Laura O’Driscoll
Managing Director
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Closing the skills gap with diversity hiring

As technologies continue to change and evolve, the global skills gap is widening. Despite struggling to fill vacancies, many businesses overlook top talent due to unconscious bias.  

Thomas Perform measures a candidate’s ability to solve problems at pace, as well as the traits determining professional success, equipping you with actionable insights into their capabilities. By making objective recruitment decisions, companies can fill roles faster, reduce the cost of hire and build a diverse, high-performing team.