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Diversity and Bias

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Discover the benefits of diversity 

Diversity, equality and inclusion is not a catchphrase - it should be the norm within all businesses today. Demanded by the next generation of professionals, workforce diversity is more likely to deliver financial outperformance and innovation. Diversity hiring can also help bridge the global skills gap. Yet unconscious bias still screens out diverse talent.  

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All humans have unconscious biases, but these can be reduced when hiring by using the Thomas talent assessment platform. Thomas helps you mitigate bias and identify the best fit candidates for your roles and your business.

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Remove bias from your recruitment  

It takes our brains 0.1 seconds to form an opinion about someone, so unconscious bias is likely to be affecting your hiring decisions. This is harmful to your business and prevents you from hiring and keeping top talent. 

Our talent assessment platform provides you with unbiased data on what really matters: a candidate's potential to be successful in a role. Select the traits of your ideal candidate and objectively rank applicants against this profile. Going beyond CVs and superficial characteristics, psychometric assessments are a more accurate predictor of candidate success. 

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Removing bias  from Harvey Nash's recruitment processes

Watch how Harvey Nash used Thomas' Behaviour assessment to find evidence of bias and increase diversity in recruitment.

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Deliver with diversity

Studies show that workforce diversity improves business performance. Yet despite the ethical imperative and financial benefits, diversity, equality and inclusion remain difficult for many businesses to realise.  

Thomas’ Behaviour and Personality assessments measure a person’s workplace behaviour and underlying motivation, providing Hiring Managers with insight into the cognitive diversity behind improved performance. This information enables interviewers to go beyond superficialities and explore a candidate’s suitability at a deeper level. 

With businesses much more aware of soft skills and behavioural traits than ever, Thomas Perform makes it easier for businesses to unlock the potential of their people, increase diversity and inclusion and to recruit objectively.

Laura O Driscoll - Talent Solutions
Laura O’Driscoll
Managing Director
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Bridge the skills gap with diversity hiring

Due to the speed of technological development, the global skills gap has been widening. Many businesses struggle to fill vacancies as they overlook top talent due to unconscious bias.  

Thomas’ Aptitude assessment measures speed of learning, reliably predicting a candidate’s ability to deliver at pace. Together with our Personality assessment, which measures the traits behind potential for success, it offers hiring managers a simple-to-read psychological profile of a candidate, showing their likelihood for success.  

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