Restaurants Canada recruits Thomas International to help foodservice employers find the right talent for their business |

In the face of ongoing labour shortages in the Canadian foodservice industry, this strategic partnership between the canadian voice of foodservice and one of the world’s largest providers of psychometric assessments provides foodservice employers with a better way to find the right talent for their business.

Thomas International North America, the partner of the leading provider of talent assessment solutions, has announced a new partnership with Restaurants Canada, the Canadian foodservice association.  

By better understanding our own behaviour and the behaviour of others, Thomas International helps people to build better working relationships and facilitates communication among teams. Through this deeper understanding of workplace behaviours, Thomas seeks to help the restaurant industry in Canada to recruit, retain and develop people who are passionate about food service.

Restaurants Canada members will receive preferred access to the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a behavioural assessment which provides accurate insights into how people behave at work and their fit to a specific job role. This will allow foodservice employers to gain greater certainty when recruiting, better understand how to increase staff retention and improve their prediction of ultimate job performance.

“Many businesses struggle today to find the right talent. Through these straightforward and easy to understand assessments, we hope to give those who do any type of hiring a leg up to ensure they are recruiting the right people for the position,” said Christopher Barry, Director of Membership at Restaurants Canada.

Through this partnership, Restaurants Canada members will receive exclusive access to a job library of foodservice (front and back-of-house) job descriptions in order to speed up the hiring process, alongside customised webinar training to optimise their use of assessments.

“We are excited about our partnership with Restaurants Canada and providing their members with preferred access to the Thomas assessment suite,” said Merle Ballaigues, President of Thomas International North America. “Our reliable, rigorous and unbiased assessments provide powerful insights, giving businesses the knowledge and predictive analytics that they need to recruit, retain, develop and manage their people with confidence.”

Guy Ballantine, Interim CEO of Thomas International, comments, “I’m delighted that Restaurants Canada is entering into this new partnership with Thomas. Using our assessments, Canadian foodservice businesses will be able to make more informed recruitment decisions whilst enabling employees to unlock their potential and perform better, ensuring the optimal mutual fit between employer and employee.”

Founded in 1981, Thomas International believes in unlocking the potential of every individual, team and organisation by making the complex nature of human behaviour, aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand. Its talent assessment platform combines technology, psychology and data to translate people's diverse characteristics into easy to understand, easy to action solutions for better recruitment, retention and development decisions. The Thomas platform powers people decisions for over 32,000 companies worldwide, in 56 languages and across 60 countries.