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Wiltshire Council found recruitment success with Thomas International

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The Challenge

Although employee development and engagement is important at Wiltshire Council, activity around them had been pared back because of budget constraints. Judith Vanderpump, Organisational Development consultant at Wiltshire Council, still wanted to keep a focus on these areas and was looking at innovative and cost-effective ways to do so. Judith was aware of psychometric assessments, having used them in recruitment and understood that they could be used to develop leaders' self-awareness and help them modify their behaviours to get the best out of their teams, so wanted to bring them into Wiltshire Council's staff development plans.

Wiltshire Council challenge

The Solution

Over 18 months, the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) behavioural assessment and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) which assesses how well people understand and manage their emotions, was embedded into the Council's Leadership and Management programme. 

Having seen the benefits that the assessments have brought into the Council at a management level, PPA is also being rolled out within some broader teams. Judith says, "We recently asked everyone in the Waste Management Team to complete the assessment, and as a result have found that the team works really well together. By understanding eachother's personalities better, the team is now equipped to discuss behaviours in a non-personal, non-threatening way meaning that any issues are addressed quickly and effectively. The team has established a really positive culture as a result."

Some roles at the Council are more suited to people with specific behaviour traits, and Thomas assessments are also being used to identify the most appropriate candidates for those roles. for example, members of the Social Care team can encounter emotionally demanding situations and need to cope well with stressful circumstances. To identify those best able to deal with these situations, the council has used the TEIQue to gain insight into how well recruits interpret and deal with the emotions of others.

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The Results

90% of those promoted in the Adult Social Care team had taken the Thomas assessments as part of Wiltshire Councils Leadership programme.

"We very quickly realised that the PPA was working well because, when people received their report profiles, they straight away said 'yes, that's me'. In fact, the assessment is now a key part of our recruitment process for anyone joining the Council at manager or head of service level." Judith and the rest of the team at Wiltshire Council found a clear link between the assessments and success as those candidates are demonstrating the skills needed to be a good manager and leader.

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