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Police force using assessments to develop leaders and improve performance

Thames Valley Police at a glance

Thames Valley Police is the largest non-metropolitan police force in England and Wales. Policing the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, Thames Valley Police serves a diverse population of more than 2 million, plus six million visitors who come to the Thames Valley each year and patrols 196 miles of motorway - more than any other British Police Force.
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The Challenge

Alison Sercombe, HR Business Partner - Leadership and Career Development explains, "The Thames Valley Police force area is divided into 15 Local Policing Areas (LPAs) covering a diverse range of areas from rural to inner city. Each LPA works in partnership with the local council to deliver policing, so leadership is critical. We have a duty to our communities to provide the leadership needed to deliver a high quality of service, make our neighbourhoods safer and cut crime - good leadership is worth its weight in gold."


The Solution

Thames Valley Police decided to incorporate Thomas' Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) into their talent management programme. By using PPA and TEIQue, they were able to identify what delegates give the business at a current level, what they can offer at the next level and where they are likely to need support. By pinpointing their strengths and areas for development, they enabled delegates to make informed decisions about their career direction.

"One of our officers was well known for his autocratic and direct behaviour. Part of the Talent Management programme included looking at emotional intelligence facets such as self-motivation, assertiveness and relationships and exploring what effect they might have on his working behaviour. This helped him to understand how he was being perceived and the impact he had on other people. He chose to adjust his behaviour and as a result has become more successful."


The Result

"Delegates of the Talent Programme over the past two years have a 27% success rate of securing a promotion".

The Talent Management Programme makes delegates feel the organisation is interested in their future, which is important for retention and engagement. Delegates become ambassadors for improved performance. When they go back to their teams, they bring with them an aura of positivity - they exude enthusiasm, organisational and personal competence and we see team performance go up.

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