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Thomas offered invaluable support to Tangerine as part of their recruitment process

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Emotion (TEIQue)

The Challenge

    Tangerine initially engaged with Thomas International to train and develop their HR Business Partners to enable them to deliver internal workshops to improve the communication and collaboration of cross functional teams.

    Seeing further opportunity to leverage Thomas solutions and services, they decided to address and improve the caliber of candidates being recruited for their contact centres using Thomas assessments. Their main aims were to:

    • Improve the interview process

    • Improve performance and successful graduation from a 4-week training programme

    • Better understanding of existing client base.

    Tangerine - Challenge

    The Solution

    Tangerine collaborated with Thomas to develop a solution that was specific to Tangerine's unique business environment. Through the use of a detailed benchmarking process, business leaders were able to collect valuable data on their agents and after completing assessments, were able to receive their feedback and review a 60-minute webinar helping them complete a self-directed development plan, specific to each assessment.

    Tangerine - Results

    The Results

    Hiring managers now conduct 33% less interviews.

    All of the findings from the benchmarking analysis have been used by Tangerine in their recruitment, training and onboarding processes. The assessments have been instrumental in re-designing the candidate selection process, and improve the final interview to job offer ratio from 3:1 to 2:1 - meaning hiring managers now conduct 33% less interviews.

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