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DISC Assessment

Get insights into behavior at work

  • Recruit the right person
  • Manage performance
  • Improve communication
  • Motivate and engage staff
  • Identify areas for development
  • Enhance team effectiveness
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How the Thomas DISC test works

The DISC profile test provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work. Use it when recruiting, identify where to allocate your learning and development resources, and understand where you need to adjust your approach to avoid staff turnover and getting the best out of people through better management. 

Behaviour Background & theory

What is DISC theory?

The DISC model is an accurate theory used to understand human behaviors. It provides an increased level of self-awareness and awareness of others through a common language and framework of understanding and is split into four behavioral types:

  • D - Dominance (with description)
  • I - Influence/Inducement
  • S - Steadiness/Submission
  • C - Compliance

Most people show all four of these behavior patterns, but in a work setting you'll display one or more of them consistently. This is because you develop a behavioral style which places particular emphasis on certain behaviors and less emphasis on others.  

Our team sat the DISC assessment, and we all found the results to be very accurate considering how few questions it asked. Using it to gain greater understanding and insight into candidates is invaluable when recruiting, and I can see it being an essential tool for managing a team as well.

Laura O Driscoll - Talent Solutions
Laura O’Driscoll
Managing Director

How can the Thomas DISC test be used?

Our assessments use the DISC theory to show you:  

  • How someone is motivated  
  • How they like to communicate  
  • What their strengths and limitations are  
  • How they interact with others
  • How they behave under pressure

The assessments will help you make better hiring decisions, improve employee wellbeing and increase retention. People feel happier when you understand them, start with Thomas.